Oculus Quest Review: The Best VR Headset of 2019

A virtual reality headset is a heads-up showcase (HUD) that enables player or user to interface with reenacted conditions and experience a first-person view (FPV). VR headsets supplant the player’s or user’s regular habitat with virtual reality content, for example, a motion picture, an amusement or a prerecorded 360-degree VR condition that enables the player or user to turn and glance around, similarly as in the physical world.

Oculus Quest Review 2019

Albeit virtual reality has been around for quite a long time, the fastened equipment to encounter it has generally been costly, cumbersome and needed a wire. Today, versatile VR headsets, which are fundamentally goggles that will hold a cell phone, have permitted VR applications to spread into the shopper market. The objective of each kind of VR headset is to furnish the player or user with an effect that is so genuine, the headset itself is overlooked. In this article we will be reviewing the best VR of 2019.

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VR applications for both portable and fastened applications join innovation, for example, look following, IR sensors, whirligigs and accelerometers to move the player or user perspective in a characteristic way. Portable applications frequently incorporate stereo sound, while fastened applications may highlight encompass or even 3D sound. Improvement challenges for all VR applications and headsets incorporate taking out inactivity to decrease watcher bewilderment, cerebral pain and sickness.

The Oculus Quest conveys a great VR experience. While there is a nose hole to keep you from feeling completely submerged, it’s agreeable and straightforward on the head, and you could without much of a stretch see yourself wearing this for an expanded measure of time. This oculus quest review will indeed prove our claims.

It likewise gives great sound and could make a really startling background with Face Your Fears 2. Terrifying is difficult to do, in light of the fact that inundation should be about solid, so you don’t get drained out of the experience and can remain tense.

The majority of this signifies an opportunity that truly is freeing. You’ll feel like you can keep running over a court and smack a tennis ball, or meander around outside a spooky house, or stroll down a twisty foyer.

Oculus Quest Review

Oculus Quest, the most recent individual from the Oculus family, has been underway for a considerable length of time. It’s been formed in the brains of designers and users since around the time the Rift originally propelled in 2016, and now Oculus is at long last prepared to release it to the world right on time one year from now.

Not at all like the Oculus Go that came just before it, the Quest headset will offer six degrees of opportunity following that will enable you to stroll around anyplace without a wire keeping you down while as yet permitting horizontal developments, hunkering and bouncing.

That opportunity is extraordinary however it includes some significant pitfalls: to some degree, the Oculus Quest is a bit inferior to the Oculus Rift, that requires a Nvidia 960 GPU or better to work. In any case, that doesn’t mean it’s running on crazy equipment – Oculus Quest is a versatile VR headset that looks nearly in the same class as its fastened partner.

When it lands one year from now, Oculus Quest will carry 50 or more titles alongside it which are all streamlined for independent VR. Every one of these titles will utilize patched up forms of the Oculus Touch controller that will be followed by four all-inclusive sensors in favor of the headset. The headset will charge by means of a USB-C port and yield all stable by means of the headband tie.


The Oculus Quest is an independent headset. That implies that all the handling power the headset needs are prepared right in. In any case, while you won’t have the capacity to update the headset two years not far off like you can with your PC-based Oculus Rift setup, Oculus Quest is a headset that goes where you go.

Oculus Quest Review - Design

The possibility of a tetherless headset may sound unnerving at first – particularly on the off chance that you’ve come to utilize the wire as a kind of wellbeing line that tells you haven’t floated too far from the sheltered play space you’ve cut out for yourself. In any case, don’t stress, the chaperone framework is as yet perfectly healthy in the independent headset and it will keep you from, say, strolling into the road amid a round of Superhot VR.

As indicated by Oculus’ Hugo Barra, the Quest can track up to 4,000 square feet – a huge contrast in separation to contrasted with what we’ve seen on wired headsets up until this point. That should give you enough space to delineate the whole of your lawn or a little field at your neighborhood stop.

Oculus Quest Review - The Best VR of 2019

To shield you from strolling too far, and to track the new-and-not really enhanced Touch controllers, the Quest utilizes four far-reaching sensors situated along the external edges of the headset. The sensors demonstration like littler renditions of those that accompany an Oculus Rift – enabling the headset to track where your hands are, regardless of whether it dismisses them for a couple of moments.

While Oculus has been cagey with conclusive specs, it sounds like the Quest will have indistinguishable goals from the Go – around 1600 x 1440 for every eye. There is a central slider covered up under the front of the headset that gives you the choice of moving the central separation, in spite of the fact that, glasses-wearers are unquestionably welcome here.

Oculus Quest Eyes - Resolution

Likewise, strategically placed under the front of the headset is a volume rocker. Sound turns out through the head lashes close to the ears in any case, on the off chance that you have a superior sound arrangement, the Quest has a standard 3.5mm assistant jack situated on either side of the headset.

The headset itself has a delicate, material like quality that feels great in hand. The ties that go behind your head are made of a stretchable elastic material. This is a break from the more unbending plastic ties found on Rift.

Far better, the Quest’s lashes stretch to circumvent your head before cozily supporting it. The entire contraption is secure as you move around VR universes, with no slippage. It feels much the same as wearing an all-around fitted cap.

Games library

So, what would you be able to hope to play on the Oculus Quest when it turns out? All things considered, for reasons unknown, a considerable amount really. As per Oculus, there will be more than 50 diversions accessible on the headset when it dispatches. ILMxLAB has chipped away at various Star Wars-based VR encounters previously, yet this one will be selective to Oculus’ independent headset. Close by Vader Immortal, Oculus has affirmed Quest ports for Dead and Buried, Superhot VR, The Climb, Face Your Fears, The Unspoken, Robo Recall and Stormlands – which will all be upgraded for the versatile processor. We likewise expect various Quest-just recreations to be reported before the headset touches base on our doorstep in 2019.

Oculus Quest Review - Games

Oculus Quest Review – Oculus Home

One flaunted at Oculus Connect 5 was called Project Tennis Scramble which feels somewhat like Wii Sports for the VR period. Various engineers we addressed on the show floor specified that independent VR would have been a concentration for them pushing ahead and that the headset would empower one of a kind encounters that wouldn’t be conceivable with wires.


So how do these amusements look on Oculus’ independent headset? The appropriate response is all things considered, Simply amazing.

In the demos we got with the headset, recreations looked refreshingly fresh. Superhot VR gave us a decent feeling of authenticity without a lot of recognizable roughness, and Project Tennis Scramble emanated lovely hues without uncovering any flaws.

While it’s not difficult to jab openings in the Oculus Quest’s execution when you stack it up against something with more power – like the HTC Vive or HTC Vive Pro – Oculus has cleverly exchanged a little measure of visual devotion for opportunity of development and so far, we presently can’t seem to perceive any diversion the Quest can’t run. Sooner or later not far off it wouldn’t amaze us to find out about a diversion that will be accessible on the customary Rift, yet not on the Quest or Go. That will be a failure, yet it is the truth of a stage that will be sold as-is without an approach to redesign.

Talking about things you can’t update, nobody we found could give us an authoritative answer on to what extent the Oculus Quest’s battery would keep going for – with a few stations changing out headsets each four-to-five demos. Demoers say the change was to guarantee the ideal execution for the headset, yet battery life is as yet a conceivable suspect for the switch.

On the off chance that the battery doesn’t last in excess of a couple of hours, that wouldn’t astonish us. All things considered, the Quest needs to show video, speak with controllers and direct out the sound all in the meantime. It merits remembering that Oculus’ first independent headset – the Oculus Go – could extremely just hold a charge for around two hours of utilization before requiring a three-hour time span to energize. We can’t make certain, yet the Quest resembles it’s heading a similar way.

The new Touch controllers, which are essentially simply littler renditions of the current controllers, yet with the following ring on top rather than beneath it, worked fine and dandy amid our opportunity with them. There were only a couple of minor special cases when the headset forgot about our hands and the diversion began to shake inconsistently.


Oculus Quest’s huge draw has dependably been its 6DOF following, which puts it a stage over the 3DOF Go headset. While Go enables you to pivot and tilt your make a beeline for the glance around in VR, Quest is nearer to Rift in that you can advance your head, in reverse, left, appropriate, all over and have those developments duplicated inside a virtual world. In any case, it’s not indistinguishable to Rift, either; the pivotal distinction is that Quest utilizes another back to the following front framework called Oculus Insight.

Oculus Quest Review - Tracking

As opposed to setting outer sensors around your space to track you like with the Rift, Quest has four wide-edge sensors fitted to the edges of its front faceplate. These read the room around you to find your situation inside it, and you’ll additionally have the capacity to set up a Guardian framework to maintain a strategic distance from impediments like seats. This enables Quest’s following to go ‘Past Roomscale’ and even store following setups for different rooms, however it might likewise mean following can’t keep up in the event that you put your controllers behind you. We’ll have to do broad testing with the points of confinement of this framework.


Another huge jump for Quest — and something that numerous other 6DOF independent headsets don’t have — are two completely followed hand controllers, which are simply new forms of the Touch controllers that accompany the Rift. They have a similar measure of catches including simple sticks, triggers, grasp catches and face catches and will precisely recreate your developments insofar as the sensors can see them. With that in mind, Oculus has modified the following ring seen on the first Touch to now stretch out ludicrous of the controllers as opposed to under it, which could give them greater perceivability. As we learned after the keynote, Quest is controlled by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 versatile processor. That is not exactly first class; it was utilized in Samsung’s 2017 Galaxy S8 cell phone, for instance, however supplanted with the cutting edge 845 in the current year’s S9. It is, in any case, an age past the Snapdragon 821 that is fitted inside Oculus Go. Note that Quest’s committed equipment will mean the majority of that pull can be dedicated to VR, however, dissimilar to on a telephone.

Oculus Quest Review - controllers

You can anticipate some astounding devotion from Quest diversions, at that point, yet don’t expect the most recent and most prominent Rift recreations to have the capacity to keep running on the gadget. A portion of Rift’s most requesting recreations are as of now taking the full favorable position of designs cards significantly more intense than what you’ll discover in Quest, yet it will even now be adequate for a great deal of engineers to have the capacity to downsize and port their encounters with astounding outcomes.

Fracture Ports

Keeping that in mind, Oculus is setting up a great deal of ports of Rift diversions for Quest. At Connect 5 yesterday we discovered that prominent titles like Moss, The Climb and Robo Recall will advance toward the gadget. In plain view at the occasion, in the interim, are new forms of time-bowing shooter, Superhot VR, and Oculus’ own multiplayer shootout feature, Dead and Buried.

There will be new recreations as well, obviously. In plain view at Connect is Face Your Fears 2, the spin-off of Turtle Rock Studios’ super-well-known VR dread feature. There’s additionally another multiplayer tennis diversion being appeared on an appropriately scaled tennis court. At long last, Oculus uncovered a rundown of designers that are “testing” with Quest, which incorporated a portion of the greatest names in VR like Ready at Dawn, Insomniac Games, and High Voltage Software. Indeed, it’s promising more than 50 amusements will be prepared for dispatch one year from now. There’s likewise a shiny new Star Wars VR arrangement, Vader Immortal, set to make a big appearance on the stage.

Talking with Oculus Product Managers we additionally affirmed that few of the “top” non-gaming applications from Go will advance toward Quest too.

Picture And Audio

Oculus Go may be less expensive than the Rift, yet the two years of additional advancement time achieved some critical enhancements that Quest will utilize as well. First of all, it has a somewhat better goals of 1600 x 1440 for every eye show goal, or, in other words than what’s on Rift at this moment, however despite everything it hasn’t totally discarded the feared screen-entryway impact (which portrays the impact of seeing holes between pixels).

On the sound front, Quest likewise uses the splendid in-ear speaker framework previously appeared in Go. Though Rift has earphones you wear, Quest will straightforwardly transmit the hints of the virtual world directly into your ears, giving you a more immersive affair yet additionally giving you a chance to hear the outside world easily as well.

Moreover, we’ve affirmed with Oculus Product Managers that the Quest will have inside, dynamic cooling by means of an inherent fan, instead of warmth scattering like the Go’s metal front plate. We likewise know the Quest will get throwing highlights like Go.

  • Very comfortable and fitting
  • Amazing Experience
  • Freedom of six degrees
  • No Requirement of Headphones
  • Expensive
  • Needs a new software library
  • Graphics performance is limited


Quest is an across the board system, which means all that you have to bounce into VR is implanted inside the headset as of now. The Rift, in the interim, still requires a costly PC that it must be fastened to consistently with the end goal to work. In that capacity, the holding nothing back cost of a Quest is definitely lower than that of the Rift. At last, Oculus affirmed that Quest is coming at some point in spring 2019. There’s no official date, however we’ve heard the organization is going for a Q1 dispatch. All things considered, we wouldn’t be amazed on the off chance that it slipped back to Q2, maybe propelling around Facebook’s F8 meeting much like Go did in May of this current year.

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