Best Scanners of 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Scanners are considered one of the essential office equipment, that are used for important paper works. They allow you to import any picture or document in your desktop in Image format or PDF file. It can be either used to scan your school documents, valuable property documents, your old photographs as well. Basically, this provides you to have a duplicate file of your hard copy documents converted to soft copy. This article below discusses a buying guide along with the reviews of some of the best scanners.

Best Scanner Reviews

After going through the Scanners discussed below, you can easily choose the best one based on your requirements and needs.

  1. Canon CanoScan 9000F MKII Photo

(best for negative scanning)

Best scanners review

  • High Speed
  • Easy to Use
  • Difficult to Setup

Appreciate rapid scanning for everything from photographs to reports to 35 mm film while likewise getting a charge out of excellent quality. The CanoScan 9000F Mark II Color Image Scanner is a fast scanner with expert film examining quality.

With 9600 x 9600 most extreme shading dpi1, it produces extraordinary detail in both business records and photos. The CanoScan 9000F Mark II additionally encourages you to to take advantage of your photographs and archives with My Image Garden2 programming, offering a straightforward and natural approach to examine and compose your documents.

  1. Canon CanoScan LiDE220 Photo and Document Scanner

(best for documents)

Best scanner review

  • Durable
  • Easy to Use
  • Poor Quality Photo Scanning

The CanoScan LiDE220 Color Image Scanner offers propelled highlights, simple activity and ‘Send to Cloud’ functionality.1 The LiDE220 gives you a chance to transfer pictures to the Cloud effortlessly. Giving most extreme optical goals of 4800 x 4800 dpi2, its striking 48-bit shading profundity is equipped for creating more than 281 trillion conceivable hues.

An Auto Document Fix include consequently creates delightful outputs with cutting-edge picture investigation and zone by-region information adjustment, while Auto Scan Mode3 naturally assesses the thing being examined and spares it with the appropriate settings. The LiDE220 scanner additionally causes you to work productively with five EZ Buttons that empower you to examine, duplicate, Send to Cloud1, or make a single or multipage PDF in a snap.

It examines quick as well, making a letter-sized shading filter in around 10 seconds.4 Plus, it accompanies a remain to empower vertical checking — pleasing workspaces of pretty much any size. Also, the Advanced Z-LidTM Expansion Top reaches out up roughly one-inch and over the platen to give you a chance to check huge things, for example, course readings or other thick records. The LiDE220 scanner utilizes one USB link for the two information and power, so connecting to is simple. The LiDE 220 incorporates My Image Garden5, a helpful programming bundle that makes arranging your photographs fun and simple.

  1. Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Color Duplex Desk Scanner Mac PC

(best for photos)

best scanner review

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Use
  • Simple
  • Low Quality

Fujitsu Scan Snap iX500 – Document scanner – Duplex – 8.5 in x 34.0 in – 600 dpi x 600 dpi – up to 25 ppm (mono)/up to 25 ppm (shading) – ADF (50 sheets) – USB 3.0, Wi-Fi(n) The Scan Snap iX500 furnishes PC and Mac clients with a successful method to digitize their records, enabling clients to decrease storage room and limit security dangers related to unmanaged printed material at home or in the workplace. Get composed by checking your records, receipts, business cards, and more into editable PDF documents. Effortlessly sort and discover your records via hunting down applicable catchphrases. Store these documents specific to your work area or cloud drive, where you can without much stretch access and offer them from anyplace.

The Scan Snap iX500 likewise incorporates worked in programming to enable you to extricate critical data from your archives. Sweep Snap Receipt programming enables you to extricate data and count up aggregates from your receipts effortlessly, and fare information into Excel. Sweep Snap Card Minder enables you to effectively gather and oversee business card contacts by removing significant contact data, and sending out information into external applications, for example, Outlook and Salesforce.

  1. Epson Perfection V800 Photo scanner

(best for home usage)

best scanners reivew

  • Includes Film Holder
  • Amazing Software
  • Bad Customer Support

Catch exact detail with the Epson Perfection V800 Series, giving you proficient quality sweeps to document slides or film carefully. 6400 dpi, a 4.0 Dmax, and double focal point examining different guarantee outcomes. Noteworthy tonal range and shadow detail of 4.0 Dmax for smooth degrees and fine shadow detail. Naturally, evacuate residue and scratches. Computerized ICE Technologies expel many surface imperfections from film and prints to limit exorbitant correcting. ReadyScan LED light hotspot for quick outputs with no warmup time required.

  1. Doxie Flip - Cordless Flatbed Photo & Notebook Scanner...

Doxie Flip - Cordless Flatbed Photo & Notebook Scanner w/Removable Lid

  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • High Quality
  • Battery issues

Doxie Flip is also known as re-invented flatbed scanner. It is another type of flatbed scanner, designed for catching your imagination and history. Doxie is splendidly structured and estimated to click photographs, memories, innovative thoughts, surfaces, textures, fabrics and pocket note pads. In addition, Doxie is a cordless and lightweight. It does not require a PC to work with.

You can flip Doxie over and scan everything whatever you want to. Doxie’s one of a kind removable top lid gives you a chance to flip Doxie over and put it specifically on your originals. It lines up scans flawlessly that you can even see your results as it occurs with Doxie’s crystal clear transparent window. You can scan everything; however, you’re just limited to your creative imagination! Doxie is consummately intended for photographs, memories, old collections, innovative thoughts, pocket scratch pad, file cards, geology projects, and things you must ensure.

Doxie Flip offers you the outstanding quality, flawlessly basic and perfectly sized according to your requirements. It conveys splendid picture quality up to 600 dpi and is simple to place your unique collections on the glass (or, remove the top lid and place Doxie on your originals), then click the Doxie’s big green button to give a duplicate copy on your desktop as well as in your SD card.

What else can you scan with Doxie Flip? Doxie Flip can scan the original documents up to 4×6″ (A6), so it’s flawlessly sized according to your needs. When you remove the top lid, its makes scanning much convenient and simple for you. For lager original documents, Doxie is installed with a feature of AutoStitch that seamlessly collaborates multiple scans into one big image.

The scanner set includes software programming and at the same time highlights cloud features. This feature enables you to import the scans of your original documents or pictures to your desktop with Doxie’s updated software. This makes it easy to manage, organize, sort, save and share your scanned documents with anyone via email or by cloud sharing. Also, the scanned copies can be dropped into Facebook for quick sharing with your family and friends.

The scanner weighs for 2.2 pounds with product dimensions of 10.2 x 6.5 x 1.3 inches. It is operated by 4 AA batteries which is included in it.


Q1: How much capacity is it required in the SD card?
Ans: Doxie Flip supports SD and SDHC cars with maximum capacity of 32GB.

Q2: Can it work with a Microsoft tablet or computer?
Ans: Any device that can read a SD memory card can have access to Doxie Flip.

Q3. Does it scan at 600dpi or higher?
Ans: Doxie Flip can scan be set for 300dpi or 600dpi, so you can place more pictures and documents.


Flatbed Scanners

Flatbed scanners are the most popular work area scanners. They additionally look and work a great deal like little scanners. The real bit of paper or question is checked is put over a board of glass and the light transmitted from under the glass reflects off the articles and is caught by the picture sensor in the moving output head. Flatbed scanners picked up notoriety for their simple to-utilize plans and extreme adaptability—they can examine photographs, books, reports, and even three-dimensional articles.

Sheetfed Scanners

Not at all like flatbed scanners, sheetfed scanners work more like fax machines/printers than scanners. Sheetfed scanners work by moving archives/sheets rather than an output head. Including an inherent ADF (programmed record feeder), the sheetfed scanner is fit for unsupervised checking. Their reduced outlines additionally make them culminate in cramped/restricted working spaces.

As it is hard to move a sheet of paper without presenting twists, sheetfed scanners tend to be less correct than flatbed units. Along these lines, sheetfed scanners are great for high-volume examining (to deliver editable/accessible content), however not for top-notch photograph filtering. Another essential worry about sheetfed scanners is they can sweep free and individual sheets, however, can’t deal with bound reports/photos or books straightforwardly.

Film, Slide and Transparency Scanners

Straightforward things request exceptional taking care of when checking. Film and slides, for example, expect scanners to transmit light through the picture as opposed to reflect it off the surface. In light of their little physical sizes, slides and film should be filtered by high goals scanners. To meet these prerequisites, committed film/slide scanners have been produced, although they are considerably less flexible and are simply equipped for taking care of 35mm (or other) film/slides, and for the most part cost more than flatbed and sheetfed scanners. The normal client is vastly improved served by a flatbed scanner with a straightforwardness/film connector.

Handheld, Card and Other Scanners

Handheld and versatile scanners are to a great degree conservative and convenient outlines that can fit superbly into an attaché or voyaging pack. They are superb increases to your PC and are advantageously shared. Some versatile scanners are particularly intended for business card checking and might be of incredible help for specialists and ladies.

Duplex Scanners

While basic scanners examine just a single side of the checking focus amid a single pass, duplex scanners can filter the two sides as they frequently convey two picture sensor/filter heads, each for one side of the paper. Consequently, duplex scanners normally cost more too.

Best Scanners - Reviews & Buyer's Guide

Best Scanners – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Is it reliable to commit that you and your team can increase the throughput in near future? Well, you can if you purchase the ideal scanner for your workplace. It is a smarter option to purchase an equipment for checking massive amounts of papers and documents. Thus, it is an advantage when purchasing a scanner that can duplicate hundreds of papers each day is the best utilization of it.

It is safe to say that you are probably going to expand the throughput in the coming months/years?

Regularly it’s smarter to purchase a machine equipped for checking higher amounts than you at first require as there’s a decent possibility you’ll discover increasingly to filter.

Do you have an accumulation of paper to Scan?

Once more, purchasing a scanner that can do a couple of hundred sheets for each day is fine when all in all utilization, yet on the off chance that you expect to examine thousands at first, the scanner may not be dependent upon it. In case you’re uncertain if it’s not too much trouble getting in touch with us and we can exhort.

Kinds of the report to be scanned

On the off chance that you should have the capacity to check strange things, for example, tachographs or travel papers, your decisions might be restricted. On the off chance that you need to examine 100 pages for each day, however, some are A3, you should spend significantly more on a scanner. We prescribe for this situation taking a gander at approaches to check the A3 without the cost. A portion of the A4 scanners offer a “folio-mode” which empowers you to create the A3 sheet fifty-fifty and output it – the product at that point astutely sorts out the two pictures giving you one on the screen.

Over the Network Scanning

There are many Network Scanners available nowadays which will consider streamlining archive catch into your work process by decreasing the number of steps expected to catch, convert and circulate filtered data in your report administration framework or cloud-based administrations. They’re intended to be easy to utilize considering speedy and simple examining to email, arrange organizers, FTP, USB memory, fax, or printers specifically from the scanner (depending on detail). On the other hand, you can filter into a system organizer utilizing any of the scanners, or you can make a scanner accessible on a few workstations by including a Silex DS-510.

The amount to spend?

Like anything, purchasing the least expensive scanner and over-utilizing, it will cost you more over the long haul. It’s imperative that you discover harmony between a reasonable expense and a scanner which will do what you require with a little space for expanded utilize. The following are our proposals for every class which should give you a thought on what to spend…

Scanning using WIFI 

There are presently various scanners that will empower checking to utilize a wireless association empowering you to remotely sweep to your PC, Mac, iPad/iPhone, Android, and Kindle gadgets.

Cloud Scanning

On chosen scanners, you can sweep to and see over scope of well-known cloud administrations, for example, Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive


Having the right Scanning machine is a huge decision. The machines discussed above along with the buying guide will be really helpful for you in making your decision. Investing on a right scanning equipment is a huge decision. Since, the buyer needs to make sure that is the investment worthwhile or not.

Above all, no matter what brand you are purchasing, it should match your desires and the purpose of work. If it is for office use, then definitely you should purchase the one with high-utilization capacity whereas, if it is for basic personal purpose then you should opt the one in reasonable range

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