Best Pillows of 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A pillow comes after you’ve just picked a sleeping pad, sheets, and sofa-bed, however it ought to never be an idea in retrospect. The best pillows for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers change significantly, so settling on an educated choice is critical to getting the ideal rest.

This pillow purchasing guide will enable you to home in on a head-bed that matches your necessities by strolling you through fill materials, and also how to wash pads and even how to target particular rest issues with specific choices, (for example, maternity pads).

Best Pillows Reviews

Our highly skilled team of researchers have devised this list of the best pillows. These pillows can easily fulfil your sleeping needs. Moreover, this list will also be helpful in making your purchase decision.

  1. Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam...

(Best body pillow)

Best Pillow Review

  • Comfortable
  • Good quality
  • Loosely filled

This pillow is designed never to go flat. It is very soft, luxurious and extra breathable. It is designed using 43% Viscose of Bamboo, 56.4% polyester and 0.6% Lycra. It is easily machine washable and can keep you cool for the whole night. It easily supports the body shape for sleeping on the side, stomach or anywhere in between. It is hypoallergic and dust mite resistant.

  1. Mastertex SYNCHKG055551 Down Alternative Bed Pillow...

(Down alternative pillow)

Best Pillow Review

  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Doesn’t provide support

This is an amazing pillow engulfed in a pure cotton cover and ensures 300 thread count. It doesn’t retain heat and is very breathable. It can easily be utilized by people suffering from Allergies and Asthma. It is filled with ultra-soft fibre for a comfortable sleep. This pillow is the perfect balance between firm and squishy. It is easily machine washable. It is not vacuum sealed and perfect for all the seasons.

  1. Royal Hotel Abripedic Adjustable Down Pillow -...

(Best down pillow)

Best Down Pillow Review

  • Light weight
  • Elegant
  • Comfortable
  • Stiff
  • Low-quality stitching

This product is completely amazing, dreamy, comfortable and fluffy. It is adjustable-height down pillow 500 with TC cotton cover. The hidden zipper is 650 fill power, 75% down ratio, 2 inches Gusset. The height of the pillow is easily adjustable by removing memory foam. These are a set of two pillows which are hypoallergic and factory sealed in package. They can be dry cleaned.

  1. Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam...

(Best memory foam pillow)

Best memory foam pillow review

  • Comfortable and supportive
  • breathable
  • Sturdy
  • Education

This pillow is made up of 43% Viscose of Bamboo, 56.4% polyester and 0.6% Lycra. It is a shredded style combination memory foam body pillow which is practically flat resistant. These are soft, luxurious and extra breathable. They can easily be washed in the machine. The outer cover can easily be removed using a zipper. It easily supports the neck, back and stomach. It is hypoallergic and dust mite resistant.

Filling Material

The following most critical thing to choose is the thing that kind of fill you need. A pillow will feel firm and hold its shape for the duration of the night, notwithstanding when you move on the bed. A down pad will squish with your head and give it a delicate pad. You can fold it up for cuddling. Something right in the centre would be a pillow made of polyester filling.

What’s more, a great quality trade-off may be a pad with a centre of froth or quills, encompassed or wrapped with an external layer of delicate down. Best quality pillows are hypo-allergenic and can be utilized by individuals with hypersensitivities.

  1. The down pillow types filled with soft fluff from underneath the feathers of ducks or geese. They are slightly expensive and need proper care.
  2. The Alternative Down type is a synthetic version of down; mainly polyester. They are usually less durable.
  3. The memory foam is a firm polyurethane foam which is sponge-like. They can neither be shaped nor folded up.
  4. The fiberfill type is a cluster of synthetic materials such as polyester or cotton. These types are not long lasting.
  5. Buckwheat type is filled with durable hulls of the seeds from the buckwheat plants. They are slightly heavy than the others and noisy.

Fill Power and Fill Weight

Pillows are evaluated by their fill power and fill weight:

Fill control measures down’s space and cushiness. High fill control, from 500 up to a lavish 800, implies that the person down groups consume up more room—bigger bunches are milder and hold their space and immovability for a more drawn out timeframe.

Fill weight estimates the heaviness of down in ounces. A heavier pad has more down stuffed into the shell, making it firmer and steadier.

What is Your Sleeping Position?

Different sleeping positions can have a significant impact on your buying decision.

Pillows for Back Sleepers

On the off chance that you mull over your back, the most critical activity keeps your head and neck adjusted for the duration of the night. Pick a thick, firm pad (500 fill control or higher) or a shaped adjustable foam cushion that straightforwardly bolsters the back of the neck.

Pillow for Side Sleepers

Side resting makes a hole between your head and the sleeping pad, so you ought to pick a cushion to fill that space. We prescribe down cushions since they can be grouped up. Something else, stack two or three standard fibre-fill pads over each other.

Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on your stomach with the wrong sort of pad is a standout amongst the most well-known reasons for neck torment. To keep your head from being pushed in reverse at an ungainly edge, utilize a moldable down pad or thin fibre-fill pad to keep the head and neck adjusted.

best pillow reviews & buyer's guide

Best pillow reviews & buyer’s guide

Do You Suffer from Sleep Problems?

If you have any specific sleep abnormalities or sleep disorders, you should choose a pillow for yourself more carefully. These sleeping disorders can have a significant role in your buying decisions. You’ve focused in on a pillow design and material that matches your rest position, yet why stop there? Pads can likewise be utilized to ease normal wellsprings of distress that influence rest. Here’s the secret:


With all-over help for the head, arms, and legs, body cushions keep sleepers on their sides to help enhance wind stream and quit snoring.

Back, Neck, and Joint Pain

Shape pads support the head and neck to keep the spine normally adjusted, mitigating back torment. On the off chance that your knees horrendously rub against each other, cushion them with a toss pad.


It is anything but a cushion’s materials that reason sensitivities; the residue gathers in them. Down-elective pads are ordinarily suggested for easing hypersensitivities, however even they require general cleaning and a firmly woven packaging to be completely powerful. Regardless of what sort of pad you pick, the best solution for sensitivities is to wash your pads in high temp water no less than two times per year.


Body pads and exceptionally composed maternity cushions embrace the body to help child knocks and slip between the knees to keep legs comfortable.


Notwithstanding making it less demanding to peruse or stare at the TV during the evening, a wedge cushion keeps your middle lifted to help ease indigestion.

Rest Apnea

Similarly, as with heartburn, a froth wedge pad is one of your best alternatives.

The most effective method to Care for Your Pillow

Once you’ve found and acquired the correct pad, these straightforward tips will help make it last:

Instructions to Wash Pillows

Most cushions can be machine-washed on the delicate cycle, yet you ought to dependably check the tag in advance. Ensure the cushion is dry in the wake of washing to keep the development of allergenic moulds. It’s prescribed that you wash cushions somewhere around two times per year.

The most effective method to Keep Pillows Fluffy

Intermittently cushion down pads and buckwheat pads to keep up their shape and space. Dryer-safe cushions ought to be joined by a tennis ball, which ricochets around to build the pad’s softness.

At the point when to Replace Pillows

If you overlap a fibre-fill pad into equal parts and it doesn’t spring back to its level shape, it’s the ideal opportunity for a substitution. The same goes for adjustable foam pads: if your impression doesn’t vanish after a minute, it’s lost its supporting capacities.

Regardless of whether you wash your pads consistently, consider purchasing new ones each couple of years. Dead skin and residue parasites can develop amid that time. These allergens can obstruct your nose, influencing rest quality.

Your pillow needs will change for the duration of your life, so it merits returning to what works for you intermittently.

What number of Pillows Do You Need?

Do you need a spotless, moderate bed or a transcending cushion mountain? Here are the absolute minimums for every sleeping pad measure:

Twin: one standard pad will do, yet you can include another on the off chance that you need additional help and solace

Twofold or queen: two standard or queen size cushions will traverse the width of the bed

King or California King: ruler pads are more extensive to suit the extravagant broadness of expansive beds; two of those will work


Having an easy to use, a comfortable and efficient pillow can be a very difficult decision to make. The buying guide above, along with the review of 4 best pillows will be very helpful in making your purchase decision. While buying a pillow, all the pointers above should be considered to buy the best product.

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