Best Mattress Toppers of 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A mattress topper is just characterized as any different layer of padding that can be included or expelled from the best surface of a mattress. Toppers are fundamentally used to give additional solace and changing the solidness of the rest surface. They may likewise fill different needs, for example, easing torment and weight or cooling the bed. Notwithstanding essential beds, sleeping pad toppers can be utilized in RVs, inns, school dormitories, visitor beds, or couches.

The terms ‘sleeping cushion topper’ and ‘bedding cushion’ are regularly utilized conversely. However, these are in reality unmistakable items with various attributes and employment. The table beneath separates the primary contrasts among toppers and cushions. This buying guide will be beneficial for you in making your decision when you will go out to purchase a mattress topper.

Best Mattress Topper Reviews

Our highly skilled team of researchers have devised this list of the best Mattress Toppers. These mattress toppers can easily fulfil your needs. Moreover, this list will also be helpful in making your purchase decision.

  1. SafeRest Premium Zippered Mattress Encasement - Lab...

(Waterproof mattress pad)

Best Mattress Topper Review

  • Sturdy
  • Waterproof
  • Low Quality

This mattress topper is manufactured using cotton. It protects the mattress against different kinds of fluids, dust mites, Bacteria, perspiration and is made up of hypoallergic cotton terry surface with membrane back coating. This coating makes it waterproof, easy to breathe and noiseless. This mattress protector is best for the families having kids and pets or family members with any kind of allergies, Eczema, Asthma or Incontinence. The dimension of a protector for queen sized mattress is 60 x 80 x 18 inches.

  1. Snugfleece SnugSoft Elite Wool Bed Mattress Cover Size:...

(Best wool mattress topper)

Best Mattress Topper Review

  • Strong
  • Durable
  • High quality
  • Not Waterproof

This amazing mattress topper is awesome and plush with a 1.5 pile height. It is equipped with a 2 inches elastic corner straps to make sure that it holds its place. It is completely chemical free and easily machines washable. Since this mattress topper is made of wool, therefore it easily regulates the body heat.

  1. Feather Bed Mattress Topper: Natural 100-percent Cotton...

(Best featherbed)

Best Mattress Topper Review

  • Lightweight
  • Elegant
  • Comfortable
  • Not waterproof

This product is completely amazing, dreamy, comfortable and fluffy. It is made up of 100% cotton. The baffled channel makes sure that the cover doesn’t shift while you are asleep. It is filled with feathers. The easily removable zipper covers make sure that they are properly taken care of. The whole set is completely elegant because of its white colour. It can easily be dry cleaned. The design is either straight channels or wavy channels.

  1. Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper - Medium...

(Latex mattress topper)

Best Mattress Topper Review

  • Comfortable and supportive
  • breathable
  • Sturdy
  • Not a Good Fit

Since this mattress topper is made of latex, therefore it provides amazing and pinpointed support. It is made up of 100% Natural Latex. There is no synthetic latex or fillers. It is soft as well as supportive having firmness rating of 20 ILD. Since it is Latex foam, therefore it stays cool naturally.

  1. DreamFoam 2" Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper, Made in USA,...

(Best mattress topper)

Best Mattress Topper Review

  • Comfortable
  • High Quality
  • Sturdy
  • Overwhelming Smell

This is a 2 inches thick memory foam mattress topper which is equipped with Gel Swirl. It adds comfort to your existing mattress because of its soft visco-elastic memory foam and provides you with good quality sleep. This foam is Certi-Pur US certified and meets the highest quality standards. This topper is shipped in a rolled form in 12 x 12 x18 inches packaging.

What the best mattress topper or cushion does?

Before buying a mattress topper it is necessary to understand the usage of these mattress toppers.

Joins padding with support

Solidness is to a great extent a matter of individual inclination, yet the topper ought to give the level of fine quality you like without crumbling under your weight.

Has a smooth surface

On the off chance that you can feel unbending creases or plumes jabbing through the cover, you won’t get a comfortable night’s rest.

Manages body warmth

A few people find that flexible foam and latex toppers can trap body warmth, while fleece toppers get high stamps for remaining warm in winter and cool in summer.

Requires negligible upkeep

A simple care topper will have a removable, washable cover and won’t need more than an intermittent cushioning to keep it comfortable. Defensive sleeping pad cushions are dependably machine launderable yet may have extraordinary drying directions.

Holds its shape

Feeble sleeping cushion toppers may hang, tear or create knots following a couple of long periods of utilization.

Save your sleeping mattress from stain

For a home having small children and infants, a waterproof sleeping cushion is a need. If have a habit of eating or drinking in bed, sleeping pad cushions will help contain spills.

Things to keep in mind before buying a mattress topper

For what reason do you require a bedding topper?

On the off chance that you need to add additional padding to a mattress, you’ll need a topper that is genuinely thick and delicate. If you likely ease torment, you’ll most likely do best with a topper of high-thickness adaptable foam or latex, which gives additional joint help. If you and your resting accomplice incline toward various levels of immovability in a sleeping cushion, you may need a gentler or firmer topper that spreads just a large portion of the bed, for example, an additional long twin for an extra-large bed. If you have a bed that is full or queen size, be that as it may, you’d have to chop the sleeping pad topper down to fit, which is most straightforward to do with a froth display.

Best Mattress Toppers - Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Mattress Toppers – Reviews & Buying Guide

What firmness do you favour?

Flexible foam and latex toppers fluctuate in solidness. With latex, the solidness level is normally explained; with flexible foam, the thickness of the topper will decide its delicateness. Featherbeds and fibre beds are useful for including delicateness, while fleece toppers tend to feel less cushy.

Do you have any sensitivities?

In case you’re adversely affected by latex or plumes, stay away from sleeping cushion toppers made with these materials. Individuals with dust hypersensitivities might need to keep away from the two featherbeds and manufactured options since the two materials can harbour dust parasites. Latex sleeping pad toppers, then again, tend to repulse dust bugs. Fleece bedding toppers can likewise be a decent decision for hypersensitivity sufferers since they repulse dampness, debilitating the development of allergens like form.

Is it true that you are touchy to smells?

Adaptable foam and, to a lesser degree, latex may produce a repulsive smell when new. In spite of the fact that it generally disseminates inside two or three days, a few people find that it keeps on annoying them for quite a long time or even months. A couple of exceptionally delicate people report that their adaptable foam toppers caused cerebral pains, breathing issues or a rash.

Do you tend to overheat in your sleep?

Adjustable foam and latex sleeping pad toppers trap body warm, in spite of the fact that latex less so. The thicker and denser they are, the more sultry they feel. Fleece toppers give additional glow in winter yet diminish warm in summer by wicking without end dampness. A flexible foam or latex bedding that incorporates a cotton mix cover (or has one as a discretionary buy) may rest cooler than a froth sleeping pad cushion without anyone else.

Do you move around a lot in your sleep?

Flexible foam sleeping cushion cushions are harder to proceed onward than different sorts. They additionally exchange less movement, be that as it may, so if your developments tend to keep your accomplice wakeful, an adjustable foam sleeping pad topper may ease evening time clashes. If you are willing to have something that is like adjustable foam, yet doesn’t have those issues you might need to consider a latex sleeping cushion topper.

Would you simply like to maintain a strategic distance from stains?

You simply require a sleeping pad cushion – either waterproof or non-waterproof.

Will you require new sheets?

Adding a topper to your sleeping pad will expand its thickness. If your fitted sheets are as of now cosy on the bed or your topper is on the thick side, you may need to purchase new fitted sheets with more profound pockets. This will add to the general cost of your buy. A few proprietors simply put a sleeping pad cushion over the topper, and not simply the bedding, utilizing the cushion and topper as a bedding defender. If you do require new bed sheets, go to our report for some purchasing direction.


Having an easy to use, comfortable and efficient mattress topper can be a very difficult decision to make. The buying guide above, along with the review of 5 best mattress toppers will be very helpful in making your purchase decision. While buying a mattress topper,  all the pointers above should be considered to buy the best product.

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