Best Fax Machines of 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Fax machines give a strategy for quick correspondence between two areas; transmit physical archives like receipts, solicitations, proposition, printed, or replicated data.

Fax machines consolidate a low-goals picture scanner with a printer. When sending a fax, the report ignores a sensor that changing over the picture into computerized organize. Information transmits over telephone lines to the beneficiary fax machine, at that point changes over it back to a picture and prints it out.

Sending a fax adds up to changing unmistakable archives, for example, messages or pictures, into advanced information on account of an optical scanner. The sender dials the beneficiary’s fax number, and information at that point goes through a telephone line to the accepting unit, which forms the transmitted information and prints it. This implies the beneficiary gets a duplicate of the archive, while the sender keeps the first. Confirmation of sending is in this way programmed.

Since technology has become advanced, so have the manufacturers of fax machines with the latest technologies that not only offer higher quality but also high durability and faster results. These machines are a one time investment, thus, should be purchased very thoughtfully.

Best Fax Machine Reviews

After going through the fax machines discussed below, you can easily choose the best one based on your requirements.

  1. Brother FAX-2840 High Speed Mono Laser Fax Machine,...

(Best for home and office)

Best Fax Machine Review

  • Sturdy
  • Easy to Use
  • Low Quality

The IntelliFAX-2840 is a laser fax that is ideal for home offices or small offices. It features a 33.6K bps modem, 16MB memory and a 20-page capacity auto document feeder for faxing and copying multiple pages.

This compact fax offers up to 272 broadcasting locations, 200 speed dial locations, 22 one-touch keys and can even receive fax and voice calls on the same telephone line. It has a generous paper tray capacity of 250 sheets and a USB interface for future printing capability. Also, an optional high capacity replacement toner cartridge is available to help lower your cost per page.

This model has some stylish and fancy features to complement the interior of your office. This mono laser fax machine is all-in-one solution for your office work that will print and copy too. The compact size model does not occupy much of the space in your office, offering great quality and reliability.

  1. Brother FAX4100E IntelliFax Plain Paper Laser...

(Best for high speed)

Best Fax Machine Review

  • Durable
  • Easy to Use
  • Streaking

The Brother IntelliFax-4100e High Speed Business-Class Laser Fax is intended to address the issues of any business with its high-limit paper plate, programmed report feeder, ultra-quick fax speeds, and even superb duplicate abilities. This fax machine can even work as a high contrast printer with rates of up to 15 pages for each moment (ppm) by utilizing the inherent USB and parallel interfaces. Such features are comprised in one model to save the operating costs.

The Brother IntelliFax-4100e High Speed Business-Class Laser Fax is intended to address the issues of any business with its high-limit paper plate, programmed record feeder, ultra-quick fax speeds, and even amazing duplicate abilities. This fax machine can even work as a high contrast printer with velocities of up to 15 pages for each moment (ppm) by utilizing the inherent USB and parallel interfaces.

An efficient business man would always look for the products that can save its time at lower operating costs. This model is ideal for such businesses as it incorporates the ability to auto-dial up to 132 number or scan a fax once and then by default broadcast it to atleast 182 recipients. It is a cost-efficient operation that helps to lower the costs by giving the yield of 6000-page with replacement toner cartridge.

  1. Brother Fax Machine FAX-575

(Best for light volume applications)

Best Fax Machine Review

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Use
  • Low Quality

The stylish design yet compact in size makes this model the ideal choice for the light volume fax applications and personal use. It is especially designed to assist people with office work, college work as well as for personal use too.

This reduced, snappy unit is a perfect decision for individual utilize and light volume applications. Thin, space-sparing plan abandons you a lot of room. Diminishes the cost of independent telephone lines for fax and voice calls with a coordinated phone. Voice framework offers Caller ID and Distinctive Ring Detection capacities.

Thus, the unique feature in this model is that fax and voice calls can be on a single line. Well, you must be wondering how could this work? The Brother’s Fax Machines does have this built-in feature that can save your extra expenses of separate phone lines for fax and voice calls as you can contact via this with anyone of your client. The interface even lets you connect with an external answering machine. Moreover, you can subscribe the services like Caller ID and ring detection through any local phone company on this versatile fax machine.

Print cartridges are completely gathered and simple to supplant. Offers individual replicating comfort and in addition a large group of other timesaving highlights to keep your efficiency high. Machine Functions: Copy; Fax; Printer Type: Ribbon Transfer; Network Ready: No; Print Resolution (Black) (Width x Height): 400 x 400 dpi.

Today people are pre-occupied with a lot more things than before. So, it is very important to save your time where it is possible. This model represents such feature that includes the ability to automatically dial the stored numbers or scan a fax once and then by default it broadcasts to multiple recipients.

  1. Epson Workforce WF-2650 All-in-One Wireless Color...

Epson WorkForce WF-2650 review

  • Compact design
  • All in one
  • Low price
  • Sluggish Performance
  • High running costs

The Epson WF-2650 is a multifunctional printer which delivers more than just as a fax machine. It comes with a printing facility as well as photocopying. For such a low price, this machine offers exceptionally well. However, the performance is compromised. Epson WF-2650 is powered by precision core technology which delivers exactly what is required. Now you can easily connect your smartphones or any device with a wireless connection and begin your printing or faxing. It holds up to 150 pages so you don’t have to load sheets that often.

The Epson WF-2650 delivers at a speed of ISO Ppm (black copy) and 7.3 ISO ppm (color copy). However, Epson is competing with a lot of brands offering higher features that run more smoothly and are around the same price tag. The key features it comprises under a reasonable price is wireless connection so now you can carry thi printer anywhere without worrying about wire connection, duplex print as standard, fax function with 100-page memory.

So, there is no cables connection as you directly have to connect your printer with the phone or laptop. But all you need is WiFi connection. However, it is not as stylish as you may expect but function pretty well. The controls are well fitted with a four-line LCD panel that displays all the options- menus and status messages. Quality matters the most. Thus, this model of Epson produces the better quality copy with sharp pictures and colors.

  1. Canon imageCLASS MF216n All-in-One Laser AirPrint...

Canon imageCLASS MF216n Review

  • Multi-purpose
  • Amazing performance
  • High Speed
  • No Wi-Fi

The canon MF216n is a superior quality machine that offers a lot of features that are not only technologically advanced but also provide great quality. This machine has a 250 page capacity, so it is suitable for those who have high regular usage. It is an all in one machine that offers printing, faxing, scanning and photocopying. Apart from a wireless connection that most of the brands usually offer, the canon MF216n also offers Apple AirPrint which speed up the entire process if you are an iOS device owner.

The design of this device is amazing as it holds a 6 line touch panel which will take in your commands with just a finger touch. Also, there are buttons on the front panel which make it convenient while faxing. The best part about the control panel is that is is tilt-able and will let you navigate through the commands from various angles.

Moreover, the performance of this all in one printer is exceptionally well. It comes with a blazing fast speed of 24 pages of copy and print per minute. It is designed with a quiet mode which reduces a significant amount of noise so you can focus on your work and the printing/copying does not annoy you between a meeting.


To start with, deciding your requirements. Will you chiefly get faxes, send faxes, or advantage from a mix of both sending and accepting? Settle on a fax-just machine and a multifunction machine.

A multifunction machine gives extra highlights, similar to a PC printer blend.

Fax-just machines are more affordable. On the off chance that you officially claim an amazing printer, a multifunction gadget most likely isn’t vital.

Is it accurate to say that you are principally going to utilize your fax machine to send faxes? At that point a modest model that essentially sends and gets faxes is all you require.

Do you have to send and get faxes? At that point consider a model that has a profound paper-plate, an inkjet or laser printer, a high memory limit, and speed dial.

High transmission speed is essential for sending and getting a substantial volume of faxes. The quickest fax machines will send and get at around 33.6 Kbps; be that as it may, machines have a best speed of 14.4 Kbps.

What the best fax machine has?

Solid execution. The most essential activity for any fax machine is to send and get faxes without blunders or intrusions.

Smooth paper dealing with. Highlights like expansive limit paper plate and auto archive feeders can be useful for the individuals who oftentimes send long faxes, yet for light clients, the most imperative thing is a smooth feed framework that stays away from paper jams.

Not too bad print quality. Not every person needs photograph quality pictures, but rather a fax machine ought to in any event create decipherable reports.

Usability. A fax machine should accompany clear guidelines, instinctive controls, and simple access to paper and toner cartridges. You likewise have a privilege to anticipate that conventional specialized help will encourage you on the off chance that you stall out.

Best Fax Machines - Reviews & Buyer's Guide

Best Fax Machines – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Know before you go

Do you even need a remain solitary fax? Some across the board printers (which are canvassed in their very own report) incorporate the capacity to send and get faxes. On the off chance that you just need to transmit the incidental fax, this may be a superior arrangement since it spares significant work area space. The principle contrast between an across the board printer and a devoted fax machine with additional highlights is that across the board printers more often than not exceed expectations at printing however are just so-so at faxing, while a fax machine ordinarily exceeds expectations at getting and sending faxes, yet is just a so-so printer, copier, and additionally scanner.

What amount of will you utilize the fax machine? Fax machines with a low introductory expense regularly have higher expenses for consumables, for example, toner cartridges, drums, warm exchange strips, and here and there paper. In this way, for overwhelming fax clients, a machine with a higher in advance expense is most likely the best long haul esteem in light of its lower per-page cost. For light clients, by complexity, a less expensive machine is generally the best esteem, on the grounds that the continuous consumables costs won’t verge on gobbling up the value distinction.

Do you have a requirement for speed? Economical fax machines, similar to the Brother FAX-575, can take around 15 seconds for each page to send a one-page fax. By complexity, pricier machines with quick Super G3 modems, for example, the Brother IntelliFax-2840, can send a page in three seconds or less. The more pages you send and get at once, the more contrast that additional speed will make.

What amount of memory do you need? Fax machines store approaching and active pages in their installed memory. Some fax machines utilize that ability to play out different assignments on the double, for example, getting one fax while setting up another to be sent. They can likewise spare an approaching fax on the off chance that they’re out of paper and after that print it once the paper plate is reloaded. The most essential models can store around 25 pages in memory, while top of the line fax machines can hold upwards of 500 pages. Memory reinforcement is another in addition to; it will hold the spared pages in memory should control briefly go out.

Which highlights and additional capacities do you require? Many fax machines incorporate additional capacities, for example, replicating, printing, and (at times) checking, which can obscure the refinements between a fax machine and an across the board printer. Alluring fax-driven highlights incorporate guest ID, auto redial, speed dial, and auto fax/phone exchanging, which gives you a chance to utilize a fax machine and a telephone on a similar line.

Size of your business? Many fax machines cater to different requirements. One should always go for the fax machines that suits the demand of their business. A large business would definitely require the fax machine with greater capacity and that can generate greater yield whereas a small business would require a fax machine that does not costs much and fulfills their basic demands.

What’s to Come

The devoted fax machine is a diminishing breed. As across the board printers develop more moderate and more able at playing out an assortment of assignments, the market for machines that are basically intended to send and get faxes is lessening. Just three makers – Brother, Canon, and Panasonic – still offer devoted fax machines for the U.S. market, and every one of them three together create less than 15 distinct models.

In addition, online fax administrations make it conceivable to send and get reports specifically from your PC for anyplace from free (for incidental use) to $20 per month (for substantial utilize). A Fortune magazine story from 2013 statements Austin Allison, a tech CEO, as foreseeing that fax machines will vanish from the market by 2023 as the business world proceeds with its work day “from physical to computerized.” As of now, that forecast is by all accounts on target.


Due to advanced technology available in the market, business can now fulfill various demands by choosing the ideal fax machines from the variety. Thus, a manager usually prefers the fax machine that is easy to operate and is convenient under a good price.

Deciding to buy an ideal model could be difficult as this directly has a relationship with the operating cost of the business. Having the right fax machine is a huge decision. Having the right fax machine is a huge decision. The machines discussed above along with the buying guide will be really helpful for you in making your decision.

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