Best Baby Carriers of 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In today’s fast and energetic world multitasking is the word of the day. There are working moms and dads, who would need to carry their babies. In this article, we will be talking about the best baby carrier. First needs to understand what a baby carrier is and why would you need it. Knowing about the types and the factors before buying will help you choose the best baby carrier that perfectly fits your needs and requirements.

The Best Baby Carrier will help you build a closer bond with your baby while being engaged in different chores. In today’s fast-paced world, not being able to give time to your baby and indulging yourself in your day to day work can have a negative impact on your relationship with the baby as well as the growth of the baby. The best baby carrier is an accessory that everyone should have as it leaves your hands free to work, with your baby being in the closest possible proximity to you. Therefore, you can cherish each and every moment with your little one and keep him or her as close as possible.

The best carrier for baby reviews

We have shortlisted a few best carrier for babies that will not only make your life easier but with their exceptional performance and features, you will only have to make a one-time investment.

  1. Ergobaby Carrier, 360 All Carry Positions Baby Carrier,...

(Best baby carrier)

Best Baby Carrier Review

  • Adequate air flow
  • Pads on the shoulder straps which creates very less strain
  • Easy to put on and put off, just with two clicks.
  • Can support an approximate weight of 45 pounds.
  • Detachable Lumbar support pad.
  • Straps for purses or keys are missing.

The ergobaby 360 has got everything including six different ways in which you can easily carry your baby. It is suitable even for newborn babies and infants. It also contains lumbar support which is one of its kind. The carrier is supportive and very lightweight. It is fabricated with 100% cotton and breathable mesh to maintain adequate airflow and temperature.

The six available carrying positions are Front inward (fetal, infant, or toddler settings), front outward, hip or backpack carry options all in one and you can adopt either one of these for your baby weighing in between seven pounds to 45 pounds. The padding is adequate in this best baby carrier so that the strain on your body is as much less as possible, and the carrier is machine washable.

360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier is very comfortable for the baby, easy to use, versatile and will prove to be a good investment on your behalf. It can easily be carried around by you with full confidence, and the air flow lets the best baby carrier to stay cool during the walks. Even if your baby sleeps in it while walking, you can simply clip it off and put it down on the couch or bed as your baby will continue to have a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep.

  1. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original - Black, Cotton

(Best value baby carrier)

Best Baby Carrier Review

  • Sturdy quality
  • Machine washable
  • Good design
  • After sometime the carrier can feel the pressure on the shoulders

This baby carrier makes you closer to your baby than ever before. Its sole purpose is to keep your baby safe and meanwhile maintain a connection with the holder so that the baby feels the warmth and comfort. There are 2 secure and ergonomic carrying positions. It is great for newborn babies and the best feature of the babybjorn carrier is that it offers proper support to the baby’s neck, spine, and body to prevent any miscarriage.

It offers immense comfort for the baby as well as the carrier.

  1. Baby K'tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier, Infant and Child...

(Best wrap carrier)

Best Baby Carrier Review

  • High safety
  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable
  • Size issues

The baby K’tan is a combination of a wrap and a sling and offers both comfort and security at the same time. It offers a unique double loop design and is extremely lightweight and would make you feel you are not even wearing anything extra. The best part about the baby K’tan is that it comes without any buckles and straps so it does not make you feel tied up.

The K’tan can hold up to 35lbs and that is a good amount of weight that it can bear. It is manufactured with cotton fabric that makes it extremely comfortable for the baby and the wearer. It distributes the weight evenly so that there is a minimal strain on the wearer’s shoulders and back.

  1. Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling - Graphite - Medium

(Best sling carrier)

Best Baby Carrier Review

  • Very comfortable
  • Ease of use
  • Adjustable
  • Not for sensitive skins
  • Not suitable for cold weather

The Maya Wrap lightly padded ring Sling is a sling style baby carrier that works around a weight division from 8-35 lbs and is sufficiently adjustable for guardians of various sizes. This texture sling has alteration rings and a zippered stash on the end for little stockpiling. It is anything but difficult to get on, simple to alter with your infant inside and exceptionally comfortable for both the wearer and the infant. The ring sling is very stylish and blends in well with your clothing.

The Maya Ring sling has earned a good name in terms of parents comfort. The ring offers a lot of flexibility so you can tailor it according to the perfect fit. You can adjust the sling and make it tighter so the baby gets closer to your body and the weight is distributed evenly for easier carrying. It is machine washable and that makes it easy to clean but it cannot go into the dryer. Therefore, it needs to be hung out in the sun to get dried.

Types of Baby Carrier

Wearing your baby around you has been in place for ages, but with the progressing world and technology, there are more choices around you to select the best baby carrier based on your requirements. There are three different types of baby carriers, i.e., wrap, sling and backpack which are discussed below.


The wrap is a long piece of fabric to hold your baby, and it creates a snuggling effect with you having your baby wrapped around you. Wraps are easier to clean but very difficult to handle and are even hot to wear.


Sling, as the name suggests itself, is a single piece of fabric that forms a pouch by going over one of your shoulders to create an opening that holds your baby either to your front or on your hip. There is usually a ring through which the fabric passes which is used to maintain and balance the position of the baby.


The backpack allows you to hold your baby on your back, just like a backpack. It is beneficial if you are planning to hold your baby for a longer period since a sling or wrap can strain your shoulders if kept on for long. One thing is to be kept in mind that these backpacks might not be suitable for infants and young babies since you don’t have eye contact with your baby.

Best Baby Carriers - Reviews & Buyer's Guide

Best Baby Carriers – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s guide for the best baby carrier

Now that you know the types of baby carriers and the one that will suit the best for you. It is essential to understand the factors before picking up the best baby carrier.


Search for wide, very much cushioned straps or a solid texture to disperse your child’s weight equally and spare your shoulders, neck, and upper once again from the strain. You should also search for an extra adjustable baby carrier just in case you hand it over to a caretaker or babysitter.


Look out for tougher options. For the extra safety of your baby, you will need sturdy a baby carrier that has sturdy buckles and belts that hold your baby well in a strong grip. The baby carriers that are durable also last long.


When you are carrying a baby, a baby bag and, other materials, worrying about a baby carrier would be too much. Therefore, always look for a baby carrier that is easy to use and can be operated by one hand.

The price

Last but not the least, money is a very important factor in selecting the best baby carrier for your little one. The prices of the baby carrier may vary, depending on different features that they might be offering. Make sure to choose a baby carrier that is not too heavy on your pocket, and also fulfilling most of your requirements.


Your baby safely and securely wrapped around you is one of the most important things to do and having the best baby carrier is the right way of doing it. It is to be made sure that adequate air flow is present, the temperature inside the wraps is not too hot, and the baby carrier is securely clipped or wrapped around you. Thus, choosing the best baby carrier is a must for your baby.

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